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Sketch to Web

How it works?

Supported fonts
Take in account that:
Turn a Sketch project into a real website. No code need.
How it works?


Once installed, open the Sketch project you want to turn into a web, go to the Plugins menu and select: Sport to Web > Copy all document.Go to your browser (Safari or Chrome) log into “app.persp.info”*, open the input panel, paste (using the shortcut or menu) and “Voilà” your sketch project is now a web page.

We want to thank our friends of "Jeekjee Project" for letting us use their incredible software for the last two years. It has been a pleasure to work with them and test the first version of persP.We think that our plugin will be helpful for all the people who want to try this app so we have decided to publish it. Is not perfect but is good enough until persP publish it own importing plugin.


* You must be registered to use the free Alpha version of persP.

You can get it here. >

Abril FatfaceAlex BrushAlpha slab oneAmatic SCAntonArialArial blackArial NarrowBarrioBaskervilleBilboBilbo Swash CapsBitterCantata oneCaveatChanga one

CinzelCormorant.Dancing ScriptDelius UnicaseDroid SerifEV GaramondExoExo2GeorgiaGreat VibesHarmattanHelveticaInconsolataIstock WebJulius Sans OneLato

LoraLucida BrightMeddonMerriweatherMerriweather SansMetal ManiaMonótonoMontserratMuliNunito SansPalatinoPlayfair DisplayPrincess SofiaPT SansPT SerifQuattrocento

RalewayRametto OneRoboto CondensedRoboto SlabRubikRuge BoogieSacramentoSlabo 27pxSource Serif ProSpace MonoSpecial EliteTahomaTimes new RomanTitillium WebTrebuchet MSVarela Round

(This site has been developed using sketch, the plugin and a free persP account. )